Thursday, September 8, 2016

We are OPEN....Be Our Guest !!!!

September 9, 2016....................
.......the day we, Erin and Don Shirley, will remove the "NO" from the NO VACANCY hanging on our sign for the  Spouter Inn Bed and Breakfast here in Lincolnville Beach, Maine. Erin and I, as new innkeepers, have moved thousands of boxes and cleaned hundreds of rooms here at the Inn. (HYPERBOLE !!!)

With the help of our friend Cindy from Manchester NH (where we are from), we got a great jump on the organizing and tidying up our inn....yes...OUR Inn. Paul and Catherine Lippman (former owners) have been extremely helpful assisting us by answering numerous questions about the operation of the Inn, answering questions about appliances in the kitchen, AC, hot water, etc. It sure helps that they are literally over the river and through the woods.

The people of the towns of Lincolnville and Lincolnville Beach have been very friendly and truly welcoming...forever stopping by, introducing themselves, and saying hello. We have met so many wonderful people. Yes we are extremely grateful to have this opportunity to purchase the Inn.

Finally, we wish to thank Rick and Janet Wolf of the B&B Team. Without their steadfast commitment to us, without their positivity, and without their belief in our dream of owning an inn, purchasing and now operating the Spouter Inn Bed and Breakfast would not be a reality.

So when you decide to get away, or take a vacation, consider visiting Mid-Coast Maine. Erin and I would love for you to be our guests at Spouter Inn Bed and Breakfast, right here on Route 1 in Lincolnville Beach, Maine. We are now OPEN !!!

Your Innkeepers
Erin and Don Shirley


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